To answer your medical questions, 'Healthline' is a new and useful place to visit online

Who does not have medical and health questions? A new service just launched, Healthline who define themselves as "The web's best health information at your fingertips" is indeed quite good. I did a couple of searches including one on the Flu Season. I checked my state (New Jersey) on the map, got quick access to local statistics and flu clinics. All the information was in plain english, a breeze to use. They are now in Beta (early release) so there might be some kinks here and there but over all it is a very good tool.
To give credit where it's due, I found out about Healthline on Techcrunch.

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For simple Online To-Do-Lists 'Remember the Milk' does the Trick

Oct 14
We all struggle with our to-do-lists. from Australia, Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani offer us 'Remember the Milk' as a simple way to deal with our tasks, to-do-lists and schedules. You can organize them by categories, due dates and color code them amongst other things. Best of all it is free. No software download is needed, just register and it is ready to use within minutes. For more details visit their 'Learn More' page.
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Ryan Singel (Wired) relates how 'Ritual Coffee Roasters' became a second home for many San Francisco techies

Oct 18
Ryan Singel writes today on Wired on how Ritual Coffee Roasters, in Mission District of San Francisco, established itself in the past few months as the favorite hangout and second office for many programmers and other techies. His article "Cafe 2.0: After the gold rush" tells us as much about the passion and love of tinkering with the art of good coffee that the owners, Jeremy Tooker and Eileen Hassi bring to the place.